Christmas is just a couple of days away…


Christmas is the most cheerfull season ever. With all the songs and putting up the tree lights and let’s not forget the presents. I love christmas and all what it stands for. It stands for the birth of Christ the lord. I am muslim and Jesus Christ is a prophet for us too. And whoever doesn’t believe so is just a non believer for both religions. Jesus as well as Prophet Mohamad(as) had holy books been brought down onto them. So we should cherish both of them as we do Prophet Mohamad.

So why am I talking about this?
First of all. I had today a very awkward discussion with my fellow classmates on what to do the day before christmas break and what I heard really made me wonder how people speak before they think? One person said why do we have to do that (get bouche de noelle), it’s not like we have fellow christian classmates with us?
And I’m dumbstruck!! Not only because of that statement but rather because we’re also doing secret santa.

Second of all, Christmas is not only about the gifts it’s about purifying our souls and remembering that goodness can overcome cruelity and hatred in the world. And that we have to wash away our sins since why do we have to put so much hate in our hearts that won’t bring us anything.

Third, every 300 years marks the coincidence of the birthday of Jesus Christ (Prophet Issa (as)) and Prophet Mohamad (as). So why not embrace that this might be a holy year and a blessing for such fact since neither will our children or children’s children or children’s children’s children witness it. So we should thank God for such a blessing.

So, let God bless us with the birth both Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohamad(as).
And have a very merry christmas.

I’ll be back

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