Plant Biologist! (S1 – Aftermath of midterms)


After that story that I recently published, I didn’t get comments or likes or visitors, WAS IT THAT BAD?? It might have been PG-13 or some might say 18+ but I wrote it quickly.It actually took me around 3 hours. So, I would really like to read some feedback, or I might quit play writing for good. (Thank God it’s not my major, or I might have flunked out from day 1!)

Anyways, back to real life. I know I haven’t wrote in a while, but every time I want to write, I get distracted or even lose the idea immediately. That’s what’s happening right now. I’m rambling on and on about nothing in particular. School is amazing. (& if you’re new to my blog I’m starting my Masters degree in Plant Science and Environment) The Doctors are very helpful and want us to take every opportunity possible from workshops, to researches, to even being easy to talk to and discuss further educational roads.

It might be probably because I love what I’m doing. I love working in the Environmental field, I love plants, I love learning this stuff. Ever since we were little kids, they’d teach us about organs and different systems of the body… and that’s it. I fell in love with ecology and environment ever since I took in my final year B.S. Biology, Plant physiology and  Ecology (2 separate courses) and I fell in love with them. It’s like I knew I wouldn’t succeed in nothing other than that. and I NEVER skipped a  class (so that must count for something). It was different. It was fun. It was relatable. It was something I would excel in and love doing. So I went for it. and now I’m sowing the results of my work: I’m getting good grades. It feels good that our graduating class of 160 people(french and english), only 30 are in this masters department. I might jinx myself by saying that, but I might have a chance to get into Phytoecology or Hydroscience next year! (PLEASE GOD! I’LL BE GOOD BUT I WANT EITHER OF THESE). I might have applied to “Applied Plant Biotechnology” but I didn’t take a course Phytopathology that would let me be a candidate to this program.

Oh! Did I mention I love my courses?! I’m taking this semester as electives: Hydrogeology, which is AH-MAZ-ING!! How cool is it to learn about groundwater movement and fighting off it’s contamination, because it’s harder to clean when contaminated. Also I’m taking water quality and primary producers (DIATOMS! DIATOMS EVERYWHERE!!). and also Biogeochemical Analysis Techniques. It’s way too long of a name and could be easily summarized by all analysis techniques from Spectrometery to Chromatography and learning about their mechanisms. As for Obligatory courses; am taking Plant Biotechnology, the same doctor that taught me in Plant physiology, and that was my primary inspiration for going into this Masters Program, and Biodiversity. My primary goal was going into the Biodiversity masters: conservation of Natural Resources, and after discussing my passion with the doctor he told me to pursue phytoecology because it was closer to my dream since the french aristocratic committee  gives 90% of seats to it’s students (frenchies) and 10% to all other. so there are 10 seats and i’d be fighting with a lot of students for “1” seat.

So yeah! As for this semester, my plan is:

  1. Get good grades
  2. get better in presentation skills (because my typing is as fast as my speaking)
  3. Finish and submit a biodiversity poster about Rana Muscosa, a frog that works on 3 trophic levels in it’s life cycle, and it’s endangered
  4. increase my connections with my doctors, cause who knows. I might apply to harvard some where in the far future. (Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue~ RAMBLING!)
  5. Try my best to not to compete with others, because it won’t get me anywhere than heart pain
  6. Just survive!

So I hope I might remember to blog again soon before the new year probably. Oh yeah! My sister is coming in less than 12 days! I’ve missed her way to much (she’s my only other sibling) – Life at home sucks without bickering with her.

I’ll be back


4 thoughts on “Plant Biologist! (S1 – Aftermath of midterms)

  1. Hey
    how your passion to study medicine (during first year) has changed this way to environmental studies, do you think it is all about the professor who inspired you?
    by the way I am a third year biology student and always trying to get inspired by this professor 🙂


    1. Hello.
      I used to think that was my passion. I used to think that if I go into Biology it’s either medicine or teaching. When I finished concour and didn’t get in, I knew that I didn’t regret trying.
      Tbh I changed my mind about what I wanted to continue in more than I can think of. But since the 1st year I knew that Botany and plant histology were different. I loved the topics and I still hesitated whether to take that step and not go into Animal Sciences.
      In the 3rd year, I loved plant physiology and excelled in it. And the second semester I took ecology and that was it for me. I made up my mind. I knew I wanted to do good and try our best to save the environment. Because polluting water soil and plants would harm animals. So I’d be saving it from the source.

      As for that specific doctor, he is very helpful in many more ways you can think of. First his office is always open but the most important of all, is that you’d gain more experience from what he tells you than what you’re studying.
      Best of luck in this year. And do something you love not what your friends want to go into. (Trust me, you’ll know you did the right choice). And sorry if I ramble a lot


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