Bringing the beat back with a Makeup post

It’s been such a long time that I have posted, like 5 months. I have been quite busy with graduate school work and graduation and midterms (which I finished on tuesday, & I DID AWESOME). I want to write about a bunch of stuff that’s going on in my head, starting with why I wear makeup, what made me choose my masters, what progress I’m doing, my failed attempts to write a book, internships I’m applying to, etc.. I have all these ideas in my head to write about, but never the time to open wordpress and write and publish stuff. I might have just gotten bored with writing. But I should really get back to it.

So today, I’m gonna be writing about why I put on makeup even if it’s just a little bit of mascara? The truth is, I’ve been hearing the last couple of weeks is that I put way too much makeup, and I should keep it all natural. And I’ve toned it down quite a lot. But I love makeup.
Reasons I love using makeup:
– cause it’s an expression of art
– it makes me put on a brave face even if I’m feeling down in the dump
– I feel good when I look good ( although some might say that’s shallow )
– I wear it for me not for the pleasure of other people.
– It makes me hide those dark or red circles or those stress pimples that hover around when it’s exam times.
– I feel good

Maybe most people won’t agree with me, but am not putting 20 kilos of makeup on me face.  I’m just showing my natural beauty in an unnatural way *hahah*

So are you with or against girls putting on makeup? I’ld love to hear your imput on this idea.

The power of makeup

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