Update: July 26, 2015 – A Recap

It’s been a while since I update my blog with any news about my life, how I’m feeling or even about my country. However, I’ve always had an idea of what to write but I’d either lose the notion, or I’d get caught up with anything else. So this will be a small recap of the last couple of months. Okay, lets see, I’ve graduated (I’ve talked about this before), I’m unemployed even though I had a job for a duration of one day! Not that i’m a quitter or anything, I did try but at the end of the day I’d rather e jobless than have back pain all day long. I’ve figured out a new character about myself, it’s that I am a people’s person! I can get along with everyone easily, which is something really great considering the fact that through my future line of work hopefully I’ll deal with people.

And finally, I’m happy! I don’t know whether it’s that summertime love aura, or sitting around with family and friends laughing and having a drink or whether it’s just acting silly from time to time and letting go of all restraints and thoughts and just living the moment! I am happy! Plus I made peanut butter cookies! That does make me happy. (I’ll share the recipe later on because it’s too good not to try!)
On the other hand, my countries news aren’t that well. Let’s see, we have no president, the parliament extended for it’s self, the prime ministers and the whole government are corrupt, and we’re being flooded by trash! That pretty much sums it!
Adios Amigos!


Till another time I can find time to write


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