Where was I? Where am I?

I’m a BS of Biology graduate. I finished a milestone. I’m two decades old.

When I was a kid, I used to look out from my window down onto all the adult girls, and thought how much easier life would be when I’m in college. How stupid was I? Right?! I mean that who knew that adult and college life have their baggage. I wish there was a catalogue of what to expect when you face a problem and want an easy escape of how to solve it immediately. I wish that was possible. But, unfortunately it isn’t. Life isn’t that easy. Life has its moments. The ups and downs. The good, the bad and the ugly.

Before I started college, when I was still a high schooler (wow that seems ages ago!) I thought college would be easy and turning 18 was only what I thought of. It seemed like I could take it on easily. I never thought that I was going to be on an emotional roller coaster for the next 3 years, and feeling things I’ve never felt, experiencing 1st time stuff with new and distant acquaintances and friends. As soon as I graduated high school, I applied to different colleges, not knowing what I want to major in, not even knowing that my last choice would be what I would major in.

As soon as I started college, study and social life overload occurred. It came down to a choice to leave the past behind, and start all over, lose connections with past lovers and mature up. I grew up. For the past 3 years, I’ve not only seen myself as becoming a less reckless and more poised women, I noticed that people who took things easily, were still the same. It might be the trauma of previous relations that made me wise up and stop and think about Me, Myself and I.

College taught me all about love, deceit, true meaning of friendship and hard work!! Nothing in life is easy to get. No matter what you do in life, hard work pays off.

But now what?

How will my life turn now?

What will I accomplish in the next 5 years?

Who will be my side and help me through the hardships?

Where will my feet take me?

When will I learn to handle stress and stop worrying to much?

What type of job should I take on?

Should I try different jobs before settling on one?

Am I the type of sales promoter, or a research worker?

I have no idea about any of these questions. I have no idea how my life would turn out to be. But one thing is for sure: I won’t give up. I will always try harder, and not give up. Not when I’m a degree holder.

B.S. Biology: Done
M.S.1 Plant and Environment: starting in October.

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