How about that “belly”?!

Summer is just around the corner. Well, in this rainy weather you never know when summer will start!  Back to the point, summer is around the corner and it’s time to turn that flab into fab! You heard me right! It’s time to get out the sweatpants and dumbells and starting shedding off weight to fit into the skimpiest bikinis (I’m not trying to stereotype this thing to all woman). 

But why make a huge deal out of it? We shed the pounds during the summer and gain them back in the winter! We have become worse with time! I never knew it meant so much to look good! I’ve always had that idea in my mind that true beauty comes from within. But it seems it also comes from what you look like and how well you rock that body! (This post might be disagreed upon, but this is my POV). 

The worst thing any person might hear is: “why did you let yourself go?” But go where! Seriously, it seems all society cares about is those few kgs you try to shed and aren’t able to, and not on their intellectual abilities and what they achieve in life! That and why can’t they find a husband (ha ha ha ha)

But I may contradict myself! But my new moto in life is: LOVE YOURSELF JUST THE WAY YOU ARE! (I just quoted bruno mars:p -when i see your face theirs not a thing I would change-Oops sorry got distracted again). Love your body. Love the way God created us. Love that we have awesome curves or an astounding butt! Love the good parts of yourself! We all have that one good thing that makes us stand out! So don’t take notice of a blabby belly! If you love yourself, you’ll look outstanding no matter what you don’t like


P.S. Sorry if this post is very weird in context. I know I switch between ideas. But I hope you get the idea. 

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