13- Day Protein Diet Final Post

Okay, okay..

Enough is enough when it comes to talking about dieting. It feels like I’m spamming my page with a whole talk of gibberish. I feel like I’m turning into one of those girls that only talks about dieting. Okay, so I’ve lost around 10 lbs (4.5 Kgs) this may not be a lot. But it feels good to have lost them. but the problem with this situation I’ve lost my chubby cheeks. how could i lose them?! They, and my curly hair, are my signature look. hehe! (I just hehe’d here! *still in shock*)

Anyways, back to the main topic.

Day 9: Tues. may 5, 2015

Breakfast: Coffee and a slice of toast

Lunch: 200 gr. of lean stake or beef + salad no dressing (

Dinner: 150 gr. Mortadella + Salad no dressing

Day 10: Wed. May 6, 2015

So this day I was out with friends and I didn’t want to break my diet so I switched things around for a bit, so my wednesday became a saturday and my saturday a wednesday.

Breakfast: coffee and toast

Lunch: 250 Gr. Grilled chicken. + salad (As much as you like- that’s the only part I like)

Dinner: 2 hard boiled eggs + 1 cup carrots

Day 11: Thursday may 7, 2015

Breakfast: coffee + toast

Lunch: fruit salad and non-fat yogurt

Dinner: eggs + 150 gr grouyar cheese + 1 carrot

Day 12: Friday may 8, 2015

Breakfast: 1 cup carrots + 150gr. Motadella(am substituting it for turkey- since it’s healthier)

Lunch: 1 tomato + 200g. Grilled fish/tuna

Dinner: 250 gr of grilled beef (i didn’t eat that much~ I couldn’t stomach it anymore) + krafe’s salad (tried a salad with it, and it still doesn’t taste well)

Day 13: Saturday may 9, 2015


Breakfast: coffee + toast

Lunch: salad + orange

Dinner: 2 eggs + 150 gr mortadella+ salad

I’m done with this diet after today! And I’ve gone down from being slightly overweight to having a normal BMI.

Now back to real life!


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