13-Day Protein diet (5)

Day 8: May 4, 2015

Breakfast: coffee and toast

Lunch 150 gr mortadella plus one tomato

Dinner150 gr of grilled beef plus salad

So I have a confession to make! As a free meal yestersay I had also 4 fries! They looked so good and I couldn’t resist it at all.

As for the field trip with the ecology group, it has been postponed to next week! So I won’t be dieting by then ans life will be good again. However I’m going out with my friends and skipping classes, but now I’ll know what to eat! 

I miss eating bread but that was what was making me gain weight. So as a goal for now: I’ll cut down eating bread. That’s all I miss. I don’t miss chocolate or anything, just bread! 

For now, asta la vista and wish me luck for the final couple of days! 

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