13- Day protein diet (4)

Day 6: May 2, 2015

Breakfast: coffee and toast

Lunch: 250 Gr. Grilled chicken. + salad (As much as you like- that’s the only part I like)

Dinner: 2 hard boiled eggs + 1 cup carrots

Okay so for the first time, I have tried to boil eggs. AND IT WAS AN EPIC FAILURE! Instead of waiting 5-7 minutes after the water boils, I only timed 5 min for the whole thing. So I threw them after opening the eggs, and went to my aunt’s so she would boil for me eggs. (My mom wasn’t home to do that for me! I’m the kaughing stock of the family!)

Day 7: May 3, 2015

Breakfast: tea ( i drank tea with no sugar- my head is starting to hurt)

Lunch: 200 gr. grilled meat (it’s sunday , so it’s mashewe time). 

Plus salad (i can’t stomach the meat with no salad)

Dinner: anything I want! ( I’m gonna have yougart and toast- I usually have that everyday ! I don’t want anything very fattening. I only want yougart and toast with a little bit of Olive Oil! ME LOVE OLIVE OIL!)

So I’m stuck in a bit of a lousy situation. I have a field trip on wednesday, and day 10 of this program. And i can’t eat anything from restaurants (mezza or even drink pepsi). Should I skip a day? Or have coffee and toast as breakfast and then eat a large bowl of salad at lunch? And when i get home at 7 pm have all the proteiny stuff ( because I really don’t want to break this diet!)

Thoughts anyone?!

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