13-Day Protein diet (3)

Day 5: May 1, 2015

Breakfast: 1 cup carrots + 150gr. Motadella(am substituting it for turkey- since it’s healthier)

Lunch: 1 tomato (i hope this tomato tastes better than last time) + 200g. Grilled fish ( i guess i can just open a can of tuna and eat it)

Dinner: 250 gr of grilled beef + kraft’s salad ( does any one know a good tasty recipe for this type of salad)

So the good news is, I’ve dropped 10 lbs!!!! WOHOOOO!!

Weigh in: 155.6 lbs

Thank God I don’t have any eggs for today. But. I’ve actually found a way to eat boiled eggs without feeling it all squishy! When you take off the shell, add cumun. It does wonders! Try it and thank me later!

9 more days left to go!! 


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