13-Day  Protein Diet (2)

So to continue my latest adventure:
Ending of day 2 i was really hungry like super duper hungry at the end of the day! Oh well I’ll survive

Day 3: April 29,2015

Breakfast: coffee + toast

Lunch: salad + orange (orange you glad to see me- okay so that was lame)

Dinner: 2 eggs + 150 gr mortadella+ salad

OMG! I’m hating eggs and mortadella it’s what I’m eating mostly and i’m starting to despise it! I have to get over it some way or another

Day 4: april 30, 2015

Still not surrendering into temptation! I feel well accomplished today

Breakfast: coffee + toast

Lunch: fruit salad with a bit of brown sugar and non-fat yogurt 

Dinner: eggs + 150 gr grouyar cheese + 1 carrot

OMG! I’m hating eggs but i’ll survive! 

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