13-Day Protein diet

I’ve been out of the zone for wuite some time now, with everything that has to do with school, and finding an internship and graduating in june. WOHOOO I survived. However, until then I have to come with a way to fit into my old jeans and look and feel better than ever. Unfortunately not all of us are blessed with the great body and high metabolism to eat everything in our way and still look a size 1-2. Some of us have to actually wirk hard on getting our bodies back to their normal glory. 

So basically for the next 12 days (I started yesterday!) I’m going to highlight the side effects of this diet on me personally. And if I can survive it, so can everyone.

Today, i’m gonna post what I ate and am gonna eat yesterday and today.

Day 1: April 27, 2015 (160.2 lbs)

Breakfast: coffee + slice of toast

Lunch: 150 gr. Mortedella (or turkey or smoked turkey) + 1 tomato (i chose to substitute the original 2 boiled eggs with mortadella just for the fact that I cant carry 2 boiled eggs to college, plus I wouldn’t have a place to store it in).

Dinner: 200gr steak or lean beef + salad with no dressing. (Not even the slightest. For once you’d be happy to eat veggies!)

Water: 2 L

Feed back from day 1: I did feel full because of lunch till it was time for dinner. And I think I ate less that 200gr steak, so that’s why I probably feel a bit hungry. Or the reason could be that this might be the first diet i have ever tried! EVER! Even when I was at 132 lbs. I never dieted. i just hope this works. Actually What I’m hoping for is to survive the next 12 days without chocolate, or those peanut butter cookies that are calling out tome from the top of the counter.

Day 2: April 28, 2015

Breakfast: Coffee and a slice of toast

Lunch: 200 gr. of lean stake or beef + salad no dressing (that’s starting to sound good right now- it’s still 8:20 AMand i’m famished) 

Dinner: 150 gr. Mortadella + Salad no dressing

Water goal to drink for today: more that 2 L (due to this heat wave)

effects during the morning: I’M HUNGRY! But I’ll survive. I’ve actually researched how this diet works, and what came back was that it can make you lose between 6-8 kg, depending on how strictly you follow this diet. The good thing about it is that  there is NO Exercise involved and you do it every 2-3 years if followed strictly. But If you cheat you’d have to repeat it after 3 months. So I’m trying not to cheat(but, that box of chocolate looks amazing!) ! Till later in the evening. (i hope my friend starts with this diet, because it’s lousy enough being on a diet, why not make your friends suffer !)

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