Plant or animal

All I can think about is what to study during my masters degree! It’s pretty a tough choice!
But it’s either animal or plant
1) more variety of subjects
2) virology
3) microorganisms are most what i want to study
4) stay with same group of people (although that’s not one of the main reasons)
5) I want to do something that could help the world cure the next epidemic

1) it’s new and intresting
2) less students per class, more professor student connection
3) it’s completely different than what I took for the past 5 semesters of biology, for it was for every 3-4 courses animal or dealing with animals 1 was for plant studies
4) I may not the highest grades in plant physiology, but I’d take the risk
5) have more career options

Why not:
1) too many students
2) high competition
3) long strict mandatory hours (can’t miss any lecture)
4) low funds for such projects worldwide and high competition on few places

1) it’s a risk
2) okay, that’s the only reason why not!

I may have figured out now what I want, but it’s still 9 months away to set my mind on it!
i just hope I make the right choice and don’t regret it!

If anyone is out there and reading my thoughts, just give me a suggestion of what to do!

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