Hard work!

I’ve been MIA for a while, but stress of uni and whatnot can bring me down.
All work and no good results is a messed up situation! Just think about it. You’ve worked hard, studied everything in a course and had your mind set on scoring at least 80% in your exam. Wait for it!!! The professor gives the most fucked up exam there ever has been! And you’re shocked with the results that you go to a state of trance and not knowing whether it is wrong for a doctor to do that, or whether that your hard work isn’t good enough anymore!
Well, that’s what happened to me!!!
It’s unreasonable and way to hard to understand! When i finished that exam I knew that I would get a minimum of 80% not 50%!!!! It’s ****ed up!!! Ugh!
Well not everything in life is what you wish for! I just hope I can come to a conclusion of why that happened!
Hope I can blog soon!

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