Who’s better?!

What makes a person better than the other? What makes you better than me? Is it looks, personality… what is it that makes you think you are a better person? And who are you to judge me for who I am. Do you know me? Do you know my past, my present, my dreams, my hopes and goals?

Why do people think it’s necessary to intrude into your private matters without your consent? I really don’t get it. Is our life more interesting than theirs?  What I’ve figured out from just observing this “fine” community is that these people even if they were blood related don’t care about you. They only want to see you go down. It doesn’t matter how many times you succeed, one mess up and you’re the talk of the town for months (and if they don’t find anything new, it may go on for year or more!)

These people don’t see their kids screwing up, no matter how much their kids are worse than you. Their kids may go half way across the world to be with their boyfriends and go around and just acting like sluts, but in their eyes their kids are pure angels! And if let’s say you sit with your cousins and friends, both girls and guys, they’ll be like “bla bla bla, OHEMGEE! Did you see her/him sitting with that guy/girl? How can she/he?” and you’ll be like once in that situation “jeez can u shut up and take a look at your own kids?” These people really make me mad and I just feel that there are still dumb people in this world!

If talking about me makes you better than me, than you need to go see a shrink, because you have serious mental issues. I am better than you, because I don’t care if you talk about me, and I don’t pass around rumors. I’m better than you because I don’t lower myself to your talks. I’m better than you not because your words mean nothing to me, but because your jealousy of my success shows me how far I’ve come.  I’m better than you because my plan is to grow, prosper and achieve more than you can ever dream of! It’s not narcissism and I’m not being a self-centered person. I just have a whole lot of self-confidence to admit it.

And for everyone who’s been talked about, or been in such a situation. Stay strong! Because these people will just remain at the bottom of the pit as you climb toward success.

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