Ramadan Kareem

Ramadan Kareem to all! And may it bless us all with patience, peace and love! All throughout the day and wherever i was the only thing i’ve heard where people asking each other whether they’re fasting! Whether it was at college, in the street, between friends or even between a taxi driver and his customer! Thankfully every time i’d be asked that question, the only answer that I’d answer was “hamdella (thankfully)”. It doesn’t mean yes neither no, but rather a choice i’d rather keep to myself. I don’t know what people want to hear, but if a person answers no, all they’ll be hearing lecture after lecture of why they should fast! And the only problem is the people saying those lectures don’t get the real reason we fast, or they’re just saying out loud what they’ve memorized!

Ramadan’s true purpose is to make a person feel with those who have little to nothing with them. It makes people feel humane with those people! But all anyone hears is nagging how hard it is to not drink or eat throughout the day even in the heat wave that’s hit us! All i can say to those people who’s only purpose is to show off that they’re fasting, is that “ma hada jeberkoun”(no one is forcing you to fast)! If nagging about fasting makes them a better muslims, than good for them! But in reality it takes more than fasting and praying (which for some people happens only in ramadan and during exams) to be a good muslim! They have also to be kind hearted, loving, respect thy neighbor, not steal, not lie, respect thy family, give to the poor… Traits which are lacking in a lot of people.

I pray to God in this Holy month, that may He only bless people, whatever their race, ethnicity, or sect is, and bring peace to our country, and even help the troubled souls of those people who think all bad sins can be lifted by fasting, and make them take back all the harm they’ve caused to others!

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