Mistakes & Forgiveness

Most of us have been a situation (not to generalize completely this fact) when we were shocked by someones’s behavior or even by our own behavior. What i actually mean by that, people make mistakes no matter what are these mistakes, and no matter whom these people who harmed us or we harmed are.

The damage done doesn’t have to be completely physical harm, it may just be one word. Making mistakes is in the genetic makeup of humans, we are so prone to making mistakes that we would make a whole bunch of trouble and we would all be locked up somewhere if our mind didn’t differentiate between the good and bad of each situation. And by this I don’t mean going to extremes with this line and thinking of every detail to the smallest detail, am talking about the big picture here. 

As much as we’re prone mistakes, we as humans have the ability to forgive! So forgive those you harmed, and ask for forgiveness from the people you hurt. 
If you and your sister got in a fight for whatever reason and wouldn’t talk to one another, forgive her no matter what she’s done. In the end she’s your family.
If a boyfriend cheats on his girlfriend, and she finds out, that would piss her off for a long while. But the guy has to ask for forgiveness from the girl- beware guys, girls can hate to the deepest part of their heart. 

We can’t hold grudges for to long on people, although it is possible, but who actually wants be pissed off the rest of his life, not caring about anything good, but focusing on how someone hurt him and being the bum when he’s around.

Forgive and forget, no matter how much it hurts! Because karma can bite you in your ass if you don’t! No seriously, live your life carefree and happy because it’s too short to have people keep holding a grudge on you!

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