Books: Sisters – Danielle Steel

I’m the kind of person that would rather sit cuddled up with a book, than go out. And my favorite author is actually a tie between Danielle Steel and Paulo Coelho. Although that would seem like quite a weird combo, but I’ve actually read for a lot of other writers, and some books I’ve liked, but I actually can’t get enough of Danielle steel especially.
I’ve read for her: Till the end of time, lone eagle, sisters, the ring, full circle, a good woman….
I can actually read a book of hers in less than 3 days!
My recent favorite is Sisters, a very good book, that shows that family bonds are stronger than anything else in the world. It joins the story of 4 sisters who are joined on 4th of July at their parents place, and it ends to be the longest day in the girls lives. With helping one of their sisters get back into a steady life, and staying close to each other.
In the end, family is more important than anything else


A good read!

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