Love Letters #2

When i look up, I see this amazing lovable guy.
When i look up, I see those beautiful brown eyes penetrating my every thought.
When u talk to me, I hear an intelligent, witty mind, and one hell of a sweet talker.
When u hold me, it’s like the world is a perfect place of peace and serenity.
When u hold me, i can feel the warmth in your heart filling me up.
What can I say, I’m deeply and madly in love with you.
You’ve taken control over my every thought and my soul.
It’s just as if this where a fairy tale of two loved ones, that have a rough start but in the end live happily ever after.
U were always my friend in the beginning, you listen to my everyday problems, however silly it may seem.
U never judge me and you are always there for me, whenever I need a shoulder to cry on, someone to hug, or even someone to hit when i’m mad.
You never tell me to change myself for you.
It just feels natural and normal with you.
I love you for everything you are, and for everything that I am with you.

PS. I didn’t write it.

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