Dear followers, readers, and the occasional stalkers,

I’ve thought of a way to spice up my blog, and that’s about talking about books, and reviewing them. It’s weird, because not all people enjoy reading or even spend an evening with a book in bed, and escape to a world of imagination and creativity.

I’ve always loved books, and enjoyed them ever since I was a kid. Even I thought of writing my own novel, something from present day time, that goes along the lines of twilight/hunger games/50 shades of grey, but i suck as a writer, so maybe I’d do a better job at reviewing books than writing them.

Maybe it’s just a phase but who knows, I might enjoy reviewing books rather than talking about Lebanon and the problems, and each crisis that passes along, because many of whose blogs I read are nagging and complaining about Lebanon, or viewing one point of view or opposing the other.

hope this goes well. Wish me Luck

P.S. if I like the idea, I might change the name of my blog from wanderless in beirut,to Beiruti BookWorm. (Or something like that~don’t judge)
P.S.S. most of the books i read are on my phone, which is way easier to carry around

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