My 15 ways to cope with the stress of finals!


1. Create a good schedule and STICK TO IT – If you’re like me, you’re an obsessive organizer and everything has to be scheduled, even eating and showering. While most people aren’t necessarily this anal about their time and schedules, having a schedule can help out tremendously. This should have probably been prepared the week before finals so you can know what to study and when to study. But if you’re just now starting, do not fret. There’s still time. Create a schedule that carefully plans your projects, papers, and study time. Always leave room,  so overestimate how long it will take you to finish a project, paper or review your notes. Never underestimate yourself because you’ll probably be even more stressed out that you didn’t finish in a certain amount of time. Create a schedule that you can manage during finals week. Also gather everything that you need in…

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