Back to Reality – #LebUni Problems part 3

Now that my Christmas vacation is over, it’s time to go back to university. but to my surprise, there was a gathering for the professors and stuff, and they wouldn’t let us get into the main gate. So me and my friends stayed there until it was 8 am (after waking at , and then we thought it’s a lost cause to even stay there. (Plus I was in heels, so it was unbearable to stay standing).

So my day had gone from completely wanting to go to uni and attend all lectures, to going to my friends for a morning nescafe, and then sleeping for 3 hours. My day just keeps getting better.

Oh, am totally with all the professors wanting their rights and all of these stuff, but there’s students futures on the lines as well. So if they want their rights, could they do it on a friday, that way i get friday, saturday, sunday off. That would be great 😀

Haha. Oh well, this ought to be fun.. Let see how the next few days go 🙂

8 thoughts on “Back to Reality – #LebUni Problems part 3

  1. i mentioned u in a post, pingbacks are not working not sure why


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