Foreseeing into the future and Horoscopes

Hey all,

Happy new year. and may 2013 be a year full of hope and success to all. one things for sure, nothing makes 2013 begin then reading horoscopes and listening to those fortune tellers. don’t get me wrong i don’t actually believe in this stuff, but it’s fun to hear them.

Listening to those fortune tellers only gets you no where, except probably a headache if you take there words into consideration. They may be truthful, but they are just on TV to get more viewers for that certain station.
Mike Fghali, for instance, says there will be major geographical changes in the United states due to Mother Nature. But actually who could predict anything about mother nature. It is as hard to determine anything about it except probably two hours before the incident.
He said something about earthquake hitting the border of Mideterranian Sea on Lebanese border. But also, we lie on an earthquake fault, so that’s probably not as hard to predict those.

Any ways, i won’t take these fortune tellers into consideration. Because we all just to have to live each day at a time.

Horoscopes. They work on the positions of the moons and stars, which is pretty fascinating as well. I love listening to my horoscopes daily, more like at the end of each day, to see if I was in that same state. Some times, it is kinda right (well, they have to be write sometimes ). but other times, it’s not true.
well, the past couple of years were “tough” on Virgos, but we got what we wanted after hard work and patience.
and this year is the same for virgos.

well, so that’s it. Believing in such acts can make a person really paranoid. So just have fun and don’t care.


6 thoughts on “Foreseeing into the future and Horoscopes

  1. shut up girl, stop stealing my thoughts, i posted about astrology today, have a look, my sensitive virgo companion


      1. now i got it, was reading my post, found few mistakes, and remembered this reply, i changed the date, it is 31 now


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