Happy new year!!

7 hours till the new year. But what is there going to be different in the new year. We’ll still be the same people after it strikes 12. We’ll not gonna lose a slipper like a Cinderella story, but we all might get a bit drunk.

So what is gonna be new this year.
Other than have fun, making resolutions is a great thing to do, but what is better is to stick to it.
So this year I’ve made my resolution planning on sticking to it and making it work.

So, Malak’s resolutions for 2013:
1) get into med school, and that is my nb one priority now
2) prioritize and organize (u don’t wanna see how hectic my life is)
3) be more productive and initiative
4) cook at least once a meal (breakfast not an option)
5) lose those last couple of kilos
6) exercise more
7) make biscuits and gravy for me and “G” โค

Well, I intended to add 8) not falling in love and committing to someone, but "G" was like:"girl
, make resolutions u intend to go forward with" . So love that girl

Anyways, happy new year


12 thoughts on “Happy new year!!

      1. it is just this year is full, i might be in love, but am trying to forget about it, you know when in LU then no time for anything


          1. the heart is a mystery, no one knows its secrets but itself, when the heart beats then we should go for it, but when the heart says wait then we shall wait, till it is all over, or till the heart says it is time, and then we shall go for it, because then will be the perfect time.
            it is because it is we live only once that i shall wait, i still didnt really fall in love before, why shouldnt i seek that one lifelong love?!! i think i shall wait ๐Ÿ™‚
            said too much, hope i wasnt boring ๐Ÿ™‚


            1. but how will you know that the person is your life long partner, and how can you be sure about it if you never seen the distinct qualities in one person and disliked that quality in another?!
              Your not boring.


  1. i dont want to behave as the person that knows every thing, but i will say my opinion
    when you have those feelings of love your brain stops working, it cant defend you anymore, you should go to your heart, if you feel like it, if you feel happy near that person, if you always think of him, if your heart beats fast when you think of him, if you always feel odd when you see his name between your contacts, if you feel nervous when you him online on fb, if you feel like you miss him fast, and want to be around him as soon as he leaves, if you feel safe when he is around, if you could narrate in details what you like in him and what you hate, you dont have to know every detail about him, just few amazing things that you like, and fewer bad things that you hate, then you know your heart wants him.
    (i’ve just narrated my feelings ๐Ÿ™‚ )
    but you ask your self a very important question, are you ready to sacrifice every thing for the sake of that person, what are the things that you are ready to sacrifice and what are the things that you are not?
    i dont want to say respect and care, because when your hearts beats for him then you already respect and care about him.
    but you ahould know that many things in life may stand in your way, your family, your dreams, friends, way of life, religion….. and you should be ready to sacrifice every thing for the sake of that person, and if there is anything that you are not ready to sacrifice, then you should make sure that it will not stand in you way, and that you will never need that scrifice.
    now you will know if that is the right person or not.
    oh! i just wrote a post, lol, i should post about this issue this weekend, lol, ๐Ÿ™‚


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