A trip down memory lane

Hey y’all

So yesterday was the beginning of my Christmas vacation. And you’d all think that I’d have free time or non study time. But what’s really gonna happen is that I’ll probably spend this vacation, give or take 2days off, studying. Because I have finals at the end of January😓.

So back to the main point, I was looking through old pictures and albums, like really old pictures. And what I got out of this is that I had a best friend through every part of my life. Not that it’s a bad thing, but it just felt weird not to have a best friend who’d stick with me through out my childhood. (but I do have a couple best friends now, that if I lost I don’t know what would happen). Okay, I divert a lot. Thinking about that reminded me of a couple of “best friends” I had as a kid.

Okay, so there’s this one girl that I was best friends with during preschool (don’t ask me how I remember her but I do), so this girl had been my best friend all the way through preschool, but the last time I heard anything of her was a very long time ago, but I saw her and talked to her about a month ago when I was at a friends graduation.

Another best friend I had was during elementary school. And that girl, now to think of it, was a real bully. And I don’t know how I was friends with her. This girl was held back a class or two I don’t know, and I lost any contact with her.

During high school, I had a clique of friends at first that where amazing, but although they’re at my uni but I don’t see them much around, or better that I don’t try to interact with them much. It that I don’t like them or anything, but we have different thoughts, regarding various topics.
But now, I have a couple of best friends, they’re always there for me, during celebrations or breakups. They’ve always been the shoulder I cry on, so have I been to them. And although we’re at different colleges but i can always rely with them with my whole heart.

Also, while looking at old pictures, I was able to realize something. I can easily make friends. Not to brag or anything, but I’ve noticed so by looking at just pictures. One time, I was spending the summer outside of lebanon with my family, and when we were eating out, there was always a playground (I was really young) and I’d spend a lot of my time there, and what I’d do was start hanging out with someone my age, and we’d hit it off. Haha, it sounds weird to talk about this but that made me think, having the ability to interact easily with people, will that make me a good doctor in the future?

Anyways, hope you all enjoyed reading this. Well, it’s just me who’s talking. Everyone enjoy your Christmas break while I enjoy my morning coffee.

4 thoughts on “A trip down memory lane

  1. weird how we have same thoughts!!!, dont say your born any day around septembre
    anyway it is not free time it is study time, i have a very very very low grade, with two other failing grades, i should work the whole vacation so that i would be able to raise my grade at finals.
    as for friends, i have been thinking the same too, i have this best friend, he is studying english at Unesco and working at the after noon, we couldnt hang out much, my other friends studying with me, i really love them, care about them, i even feel am in love with one of them; yet i dont feel the same coming back from them, it is really very hard to have your best friend away, and feel not synchronized with those your supposed to hang out with in these very hard days!!!


    1. Hahahahah I was actually born end of August 31.
      I know it’s hard. I actually have no failing grades. But I still have one more grade that i don’t know about:p
      As for friends, it’s very hard having new friends you know nothing about:p hehehe


      1. we virgos are special
        at least you know most of your grades, but i only know those three, i have to wait for two weeks to know the rest of my grades. the vacation started with a big shock, the largest ever, hope it ends with a smile.


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