What 2012 taught me?

Hey all,

It’s drawing closer to the end of the year. A year full of drama, love, romance, stress, studying (which i’m supposed to be doing now) and a whole lot more.

I’ve been blogging for more than a year now, and my blog revolves actually around me, my constant nagging, my feelings, whats going on in my life, music, politics, etc… but I’ve never actually talked about any moral/lesson learnt.

So this post is mostly talking about what #2012TaughtMe

  • #2012TaughtMe to put myself first in all situations
  • #2012TaughtMe to love unconditionally, even if I end up getting hurt in the end
  • #2012TaughtMe everything is worth the wait
  • #2012TaughtMe no one is perfect
  • #2012TaughtMe Lebanon thrives on wasta
  • #2012TaughtMe to study hard. cause the comeback after a failure is a great success
  • #2012TaughtMe Life is weird
  • #2012TaughtMe Politicians are stupid (I knew that a way long time ago)
  • #2012TaughtMe My friends mean the world to me
  • #2012TaughtMe I LOVE FOOD 😀
  • #2012TaughtMe what it’s like for my luck to change in a second
  • #2012TaughtMe that if i want something i just have to say it out loud!
  • #2012TaughtMe That karma exists 😐

Anyways, what is life without lessons. It’s the same as a roller coaster that isn’t  moving. Not that fun either.

hope you all have a good remaining of the year and great ’13 🙂

5 thoughts on “What 2012 taught me?

  1. How do you always put yourself first and love unconditionally at the same time? Sounds like a paradox. 😉 I like that you have written what you’ve learned. I need to do the same.


    1. Haha I just noticed that. Well, there’s always me, myself, and I in front of every one (am not an egocentric person!) but in most cases if I had to be put in a choice between helping others excel and excelling in something, I’d most probably chose to excel, alone.
      But why not love during the same time, if the person we’re falling for is worth it.
      You should do that, it’s fun and makes you feel accomplished that a whole year even with its downs, was productive.


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