The email that never gets sent!!

Do you know the feeling? you know, the feeling of your heart being into two by someone, and you actually don’t know what went wrong. Yeah yeah that feeling.

I know it’s hard. Life it tough. But what we all gotta do is pull ourselves together cause tomorrow is going to be a good day. but then reality strikes. and that is when you realize that you’ve lost someone you felt truly close to. You then try to put your feelings in writing, but all that comes out are tears.

All people are caring (guys! i mean you too).

But when your able to write down all those feelings, that are eating you from the inside, all you can feel is a burden lifted off your shoulders.

All I got out of this, is to put my thoughts into words, and just pour it all in; no matter how mush it hurts.

So here goes nothing:

Thoughts and feelings to whomever it may concern:

I miss you.
I miss the person that i was with you.
I miss this fun loving girl that you’d swept her off her feet.
I miss those moments when your smile could warm me inside out even when i was feeling down
I miss how you gave me a shoulder to cry on when i was facing hell itself.
I miss all that and much more
The only thing i can say is that I hate you
Its like pushing a dagger into my chest and pulling my heart out!
Thanks for the roller coaster of emotions but everything has to get to a stop in the end!
But what hurts even more than that. is that u didn’t have any guts to end it in person
I wish you well!

P.S.Guys: Don’t get a girl mad! She can hold a grudge for as long as she wants!! Consider yourselves warned:P

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