Relationship Advice 102

Relationships, relationships? Why do people think it’s easy to keep it intact? You can all have that by staying away from all cheating, lying, gossiping, and everything-person that can hurt a relationship.

Let’s see:
cheating: cheating is never acceptable, and never to be forgiven. Okay let’s see, if a guy cheats on his girl, he not only breaks her heart; but also, makes her unable to trust men anymore
lying: same as with cheating and a lot of hurt more.
gossiping: let’s see, this should have been he number one in the list of bad things that ruin relationships, because people put their heads in the wrong places. If people start talking, it not only points out the wrong things in a relation (and no relationship is perfect) but also, it shows how people are so damn shallow, stupid, and jealous.

All relationships aren’t perfect, but people who put the time and effort to pull it off, will make it through. But for those who’d rather not prioritize that relationship in that busy schedule, they’re not going to enjoy the great things in the relationship.

Oh well!
Well enjoy the rest of the weekend!!
(don’t drink nd drive y’all)

One thought on “Relationship Advice 102

  1. You first cheat on yourself when you cheat on others. When you live a lie you will lie to others. Gossip is the drama that surrounds both. The core of what you want will come when you stop doing these things to yourself. For what you give to yourself you will give to others! Why not embrace what you really need to give yourself before you destroy yourself and hurt others in the process. It is a cycle after all! And more so you do have a choice! Nice post my friend!


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