Happy 69th lebanese independence day! جايبلي سلام

This year is a double day. Thanksgiving and the lebanese independence day are on the same day!

On this day 69 years ago *no perverted jokes* , the lebanese rebelled on the french regime that had taken over our country!!
Its because of the people who rebeled, that we have this country to call ours.

I love my country to death, with all its flaws and greatness.
But some people in this country turn patriotic on “just” this day and turn all their facebooks and twitter profiles to the lebanese flag. These people don’t know the first thing about lebanon, and with the first visa stamp they’re out of here for good!

Anyways back to the main idea. This is lebanon’s day. Lebanon’s success to be here after all that time. With all the people who died for this country, we should at least be grateful for their fights and take them as inspiration to keep this country going.

And also with all that’s happening in the middle eastern countries, in syria and gaza (my prayers go to them), lebanon has to keep democratic and not let anything ruin the whole nation.

We are an independent strong indivisible, democratic country with liberty and justice govering us.

كلنا للوطن
للعى للعلم
كلنا للوطن

Enjoy this day as a day of break, relaxation, patriotism, and family time. And enjoy the show


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