#LebaneseUniversity Problems Post 1 out of many

Dear Readers,

I’ve decided to write about everyday problems that as a Lebanese University student am facing. Don’t worry! It’s going to keep my blog lively for the time being.

Here’s goes:
“Today the physics professor – a totally stupid person, that doesn’t know anything related to physics- was solving a simple physics problem related to Newton’s law. Even a 10th grader can actually solve it. Even though she had given us the answer sheet and the answer wasn’t right. This said, she couldn’t differentiate between Newton’s first and second laws. AND SHE SUPPOSEDLY HAS A PHD in PHYSICS!

Good thing all names on exam papers are closed, or there would have been a lot of passing people (aka. the schmoozers)

If my old high school teacher could see this, he’d totally flunk her!!!

Wish me luck with such people!

Enjoy the end of the week :D:D

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