Happy Halloween everyone!!

Hey everyone,

I have really bad posting habits. I don’t follow a certain rhythm like every Monday or every weekend, but I rather blog when I feel like too. Oh well!!

Let’s see, uni is fine. I’m starting to like my major. I was having a hard time at first readjusting to the new style of teaching and stuff. I’m starting to like cytology, only because I actually don’t care about how proteins, sugars, lipids… are formed, but rather how the cell as organelles work.
I’m hating PHYSICS!!! Oh god!! And for a moment I was gonna major in physics, that would have been a disaster, and my blog would have turned into a blog characterized by nagging!!! :p
Other than that with uni it’s all good!!

Now back to the real issue. Happy Halloween!! Enjoy the pumpkin pies and pumpkin carving and “Trick or Treat!” and most of all: “kids in their gruesomely awesome costumes”.
Last year at a Halloween party, I was dressed as a chinese, and the year before I was a wicked witch, mwahaha !!
What’s their else fun about Halloween? Everything about Halloween is fun!! Putting on masks. Acting all creepy and stuff if ur wearing a evil’ish costume. Or acting cute and powerful while wearing sweet costumes. My favorite part of this day is the candy. LOTS and LOTS of candy!!!! *yum yum yum* ., oh oh and don’t forget about the crazy decorations that cover streets, that it makes event spooky even during the day light.
I miss Halloween in the US, I miss Kansas. I miss the fun I used to have. I miss my friends and host parents and host sisters there. I even miss bubbles-the dog :p

My heart goes out to all the people in the US affected my hurricane Sandy!!

Guess I’ll blog soon when I have time! Midterms/partial exams are 21 days away!!! *Freaking out*

Enjoy the rest of the week 🙂



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