Finally weekend!!!

Hi guys/gals,

Finally it’s the weekend.


It has actually been the longest week i’ve ever had!!

So how’s everyone’s week been?
Mine was pretty good!!(shocking~i know!) but it was really a fun week! Although i pretty much fell asleep in a couple of courses (they were tooo boring, and by the end of the course the prof. said thy were’nt going to be included in anything cause they were introductions)

It was one hell of a full week, from graduation rehearsal, to the actual graduation to my sisters birthday(nd planning surprises for her:p)


Any how, classes have been great and I’m loving most of them, like zoology and embryology and animal reproduction are practically my favorites so far in biology other than them math and chemistry.

At least I have my friends with me, that make it  lot easier, because thy’re actually feeling what i am.feeling!

Well anyways , enough talking for now. Gotta go and study!!

Everyone have a fun stress-free weekend. Thats’s what am hoping for!!

Take care,


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