First day at lebanese university

Oh god! I cant explain how much i feel tired! Not because i’m courses tired, but because of waking up at 5 am but to tell you the truth, i stayed in bed till 6:p

Then dressed, and got ready and wore my gray H&M tshirt with dt jeans and black converse(since there was a very high chance of raining i disn’t want to risk wearing heels), let my hair fall down, put on some basic essential make up, had breakfast and by 6:50 i was by the bus.I actually got onto campus in a miraculously 15min. But all is well, since it stopped raining

Anyways life is good so far so i’ll blog throughout the day hopefully. This whole part to this point was at 8:15am

The now part:
But by the end of the day things didn’t go as i hoped for! First the physics professor didn’t show up, because he’s fighting for his rights and stuff (am totally pro to his rights) , and the bio100 was a catastrophy!! I spent an hour and a half trying to understand about endophiles (i think). And all i got was that i have no clue about all that crap!

But the best thing about the whole day was the math. As we say in arabic “fashale 5el2e”(gave me hope) . I think i can actually pass math:p

Take care y’all.
Anyways wish every one the best of luck!

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