Ready for uni

Hey y’all,

It’s the weekend. My last stress free weekend. Monday is going to be the first day at uni, and am both excited and nervous- well excited more than nervous. Also monday, my old highschool is having the graduation rehearsal!! (i know its a bit late to have a graduation ceremony, but what can i say, better late than never).

What is there to look forward to this year?
Lets see. There’s winter- the coziest, most romantic season:D.
And then there is christmas and all the holidays that come after it.
There’s also the celebration of 10 years of YES Program in lebanon (yes stands for the kennedy-lugar youth exchange and study program). So that means a lot of volunteering and planning events since me and two of my fellow YES friends are the representatives for the Beirut Region.

Does any one have fun creative ideas for volunteering projects??
Anyone who does contact me on my email:

There’s a lot going on this year, i just hope i remember to blog about it or take pictures, whatever works.

Anyways take care all of you -readers and bloggers- i’m going to go think of what to pick for my outfit for the first day. I’m planning on wearing heels than switching to converse for the remainder of the year!:p

Oh yeah!
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