2 day retreat!

Hey y’all:

How’s everyone been? I’ve been great and tired! I’m great because I turned 18 and I’m finally legal to do whatever;), and tired because of a two day retreat that I was in.

The retreat was in Fatka-Jouneih, and it was both full of amazing workshops from negotiation and communication skills and time management, and hanging out with friends.

We stayed at notre dame du mont for one night (we didn’t sleep except from 5:30 am to 7am). It was well a night worth remembering, cause we broke every rule that day, from going to the boy’s rooms and the boys coming to our rooms, to getting drinks, even walking on the edge of the balcony to get into another room.

It was super fun and a while worth spent. But what I love about being home again, is sleeping in my own bed  and eating food I like! 😀

It was worth the time and memories 🙂

Take care y’all

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