Punctuality! Not a Lebanese Characteristic!

You know what I hate more than spiders, rats, greasy food, egocentric people, etc..? It’s people who are late for appointments!

Not just appointments as in dentist appointments, but driving lessons, interviews and a whole bunch more!

It’s not about me being late. I am always punctual; except when there is a good excuse. But it’s the other person who happens to be my dentist/ driving instructor/ interviewer… that happens to be late.

For example, my orthodontist would give me an appointment every other Wednesday at 4 pm after I’d get home from school. I’d be there 3:50 pm giving me a chance to be ready “if” he showed up early. But he never did show up early. He’d show up at his office 4:30 and sometimes 15 till 5, and I’d be there still waiting. And he’d always have the same excuse: “Oh, I got stuck in traffic”. Well! News Flash, Buddy!! You could actually drive 15 min earlier!! That would drive me nuts.

As for my driving instructor! Don’t get me started on him! 2 times so far he’s ditched me, without prior warning! First time, he told me I have a lesson on Monday at 12 pm, so I showed up 10 till 12! I waited till about 12:30 until I finally got up and left! And later he was like, “why didn’t you show up?!”
The 2nd time, he told me I have a lesson at 2 pm! I went to a place opposite to his office, so I could watch if he actually was going to show up and I wouldn’t feel like a fool sitting alone in the office. HE DIDN’T SHOW UP! WTH! Guess if I’m going to stick with him as a driving instructor, little will I learn about driving!!

I also hate Lebanese accuracy when it comes to giving appointments. They say I’m going to be there in 15! Well, 45 min later, we’re here!!

Jeez! Good thing I’ve got that out of my system!! 🙂

take care y’all

P.S. What don’t you guys like?

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