Yeah Baby!! I’m ready for college!!!

Hey y’all:

Phase one High School Diploma: CHECK!! And good reddens!

Yesterday I had a mini-panic attack! My cousin was calling me at like 3:50pm and asking me if my grades have been announced or not yet! And I had already been on the website for more than 20 min waiting for it to load!
After it finally opened at exactly 4 pm, my palms were shaking, I was terrified to the core, running through the numbers to see if I had made it or not! AND THEN! I saw it!! In bold 53499 and next to it جيد (meaning “Good”) I hadn’t seen my score yet, but getting Good is between 14 and 16. So I was getting more nervous than ever!

But in the end, I got 435/560 which is 15.5/20. One less point than my sister had gotten back in her bacc exams. All year I had only wanted was just to get as much as she had gotten, or more than one! Hehehe!!

Now, I don’t care about the actual full report, on each subject. In the end, I knew it was a job well done and deserved!

Oh well! What’s done is done! Bye-Bye, High School. Au revoir senior year! You have been one of screwed up, fun, but really great year!

Next Phase: Scholarship announcements and getting ready for college life??

P.S. Congrats to all Lebanese LS and GS students who passed, and definitely wishing all those who didn’t make it, best of luck, to undone what has been done already!


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