Relationship Advice 101

Today am not going to talk about what I did today, how my studies are going or any of this stuff. I still have around 18 more days to nag about it! But there’s an important issue I have to bring about: “break ups”

That’s what got me thinking: why do some guys start a great relationship with girls, then end it really badly, with the famous quote: “It’s not you, it’s me”.

Rule #1: Never end it with that sentence.
Dear guys, you think you might make a girl think it isn’t her fault. But she is a great person, and doesn’t deserve a guy like you around her.

Rule #2: Girls, stop feeling guilty when it ends.
Okay, Okay, I know it’s hard, especially if you get seriously attached over him. But remember the good memories, and be happy about it. Also make sure you make steps to find a person, you can be happy with, but that doesn’t mean totally forget about the good times.

Rule #3: If you don’t want to have any connection with your ex, be happy if you hear that he/she is meeting new people.

Rule #4: Girls, watch “The Lucky One”.
After breaking up, it’s good to watch this movie. First, cause Zac Efron looks too damn sexy, and you won’t want to think about “him”. Second, cause you get too confused when watching it; that you’ll be thinking, who likes who, or the person who died was what to the main character. Third, it’s not really a true romance movie, like Pride or Prejudice or The Notebook, but comes in second to those.

Okay hold on, I just have one more rule to say.
Rule #5: Keep yourself busy.
It’s not healthy to sit in a closed place. Go out with friends, watch movies, eat chocolate, and enjoy your time. It’s not the end of the world!!

That’s it for today,
Take Care ever body,


P.S. If anyone has any extra advice, just let me know

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