High School Drama

Hello, Everyone!!
It’s been a long time since I posted anything new onto my blog! It’s just that I’ve found having a photo blog is much easier, and a whole less writing.
Okay, I have one question on my mind: “How can people be able to stab people in the back?”
Due to some encounters with back stabbers, I’ve come to a conclusion why people are more likely to talk sh*t behind your back:
1) You’re better than them.
2) They have nothing better to do in their lives.
3) You’re more courageous than them.
4) You are what they’ll never be.
These are the most egocentric reasons, but in the end, it’s you that matters not them.
But to tell you the truth, I would suggest if you heard such stuff not to talk back. But if it gets too personal, just tell them to quit it and if they don’t agree with that, punch them in the face. Because in the end they deserve it!!
Best of luck for the remainder of the year!

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