Last free week! before senior year–_-

I don’t know what to actually think about becoming a senior. Most people think that being a senior is no serious work and “All play and No Work”. Or that’s what I understood when I was an exchange student in the U.S. And the other part of people think that it’s the most important time in your life and you shouldn’t do anything that isn’t good for your future. Oh God, People just leave them kids alone~sry Pink Floyd for using ur song lyrics in my advantage.

I haven’t taken much thought into how my senior year is, but it’s not gonna be a year full of nothing. I have to apply to colleges. Work on Financial aid applications. Get accepted(for sure). Study for the SATs and TOEFL. adding to all that work, Studying for the Lebanese Official Tests next June.  OMG!!  I have a lot to do. But I can’t nag. Because it’s not only me who has to do so, mostly all Lebanese students have to do so. So I have no reason to nag O_o

But the best thing about being senior I guess, is to walk on graduation day, and graduate, and get ready for college Open-mouthed smile. That’s the most exciting thing about it. And I guess Senior Prom, and Senior Privileges.

OKayy I’ll keep it short.



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